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Danielle Donarski
So gentle and effective I took my 2 week old in due to painful nursing. Ananda is so great with babies and my son slept for hours after his first treatment and then improved quite a bit over the next few days. It’s amazing how effective such gentle work can be. After two visits nursing is much better and we have an overall calmer, happier baby.
Doug C.
Gifted Healer Ananda is a Healer. She brings her intuition, compassion, training, experience, intention, and attention to each session. She is a gift to her clients.
The Very BEST I've felt I feel so in sync body, mind and spirit when I see Ananda! She meets my heart and soul and body and brings harmony to all of me !
Yonna Moore
2nd session You create space and facilitate an enviro for me to excavate my real pain body issues . Thank you
Like a giant, healing hug From the moment I walked into Ananda's studio, I knew I was in great hands. Her gentle, supportive energy, combined with her genuine concern, knowledge and skill was such a tremendous comfort and so reassuring for me. I was so relaxed on her table and knew I could fully trust her to help bring about some physical, mental and emotional relief for me. I was not disappointed! I'm looking forward to going even further at our next session.
Lesley Gannon Meiering
Such a gift Ananda has a very special gift. She feels deeply by intuition or as a result of her phenomenal skill. When i left her and into today (the afternoon a day after) my session i feel stronger and lighter emotionally and physically.
Profound Healing Ananda is a Healer. She brings her intuition and compassion "to the table". She communicates with your body, sensing the physical injuries and restrictions, but also the blockages in your heart and your mind that are limiting your wellness. An "ease" is achieved that gently calms the monkey mind and judgmental detritus. The light of an open heart can then illuminate our innate capacity for what Ananda embodies in her practice: kindness, compassion, joy, and reverence for life.
Shelly & Evelynn
Craniosacral post tongue & lip tie Ananda has been a blessing to my husband and me and our newborn Evelynn. I have seen so much improvement since session one. She has also constantly educated us on home exercises to complete and the "why" behind them. Ananda has been available via text and cell even before our first session when breastfeeding was terribly painful and frustrating. We cannot express enough thanks to Ananda. She is a gifted practitioner.
Veryl Rosenbaum
Gratitude Ananda is a life blessing for myself and those I send to here to experience he outstanding knowledge of the unique requirements of each client's known and unknown needs (of course our bodies tell her intuitive heart and hands where we need her mystical healing treatments. I thank Julie Gentry, famous Body Talk practitioner for introducing me to Ananda for an increase in my physical, emotional and spiritual life.
CST excellence I recently had a 90 minute CST session with Ananda. Craniosacral heaven! She is a very intuitive and gifted practioner. Clean, quiet and cozy studio-space. Thank you Ananda!
Results speak for themselves The positive changes Ananda has helped my newborn to achieve has inspired my entire family to seek her care as well. They don't need testimony from him because the results speak for themselves!
Magic Hands Ananda keeps my body functional with her tremendous skill and heart!
BEST I've felt I had some dental work and headaches with one session I am pain free and have more energy than I have had in weeks
The Very BEST I've felt I broke my ankle 5 years ago and Ananda has - in just one session - given my foot and ankle more flexibility and strength than I have had since the injury! I can dance with confidence again !! Thank YOU Ananda
Great treatment and fantastic person! Ananda treated my infant daughter for colic, reflux, and breastfeeding issues. Beside CST, she offered tools to enhance bonding and tips to sooth my baby which I use everyday. Every new mom should go see Ananda!
Erika Atencio
Amazing Ananda is a beautiful soul and absolutely phenomenal at what she does. She was amazing with my 10 year old daughter. She explained what she doing every step of the way. She showed her pictures and explained what they were and how they related to where she was doing the work. She constantly checked with my daughter to make sure she was comfortable and feeling ok. It was a great experience and I’d recommend her a million times over to anyone!
Amy Zhang
Great help with our baby! We were having a lot of trouble with breastfeeding, and came with our little guy to work with Ananda. She really helped us tune into his body’s signals and open up some new space for him. Things have improved a lot. We are very grateful!
Nikki Wilson
kind spirit Ananda can just look at me and know exactly what I need. Her studio is such a sanctuary to me.
Craniosacral with Ananda Working with Ananda feels both deeply intuitive and informed. I feel trust, love, and safety when I get on her table-- her warm hands and nourishing presence are a treat to be around and I have had relief from symptoms. I would heartily recommend her to anyone!
Adela Windsor
A Multi-faceted Healer Ananda brings so much to her healing art that is broader and deeper than any modality. Her expertise with Cranio-sacral is clear, but the intuitive sensitivity of her hands and her words are all her own. I found myself able to access a greater depth of my own psyche because of her ability to accept and contain my journey. The body can heal when unified this way with the psyche. Thank you Ananda.
Carol Meckling
Deep Healing I so appreciate Ananda's ability to tune in to my body and understand what it needs to heal! Her knowledge combined with her sensitivity and intuition make for a deeply healing experience. Ananda creates a warm, safe space both physically and emotionally, allowing your body to immediately start to relax.
dr greg
amazing ananda has an incredible talent to bring healing through compassionate and loving methods. highly recommended!
Dr Greg
mystical wonderfulness Ananda has a way of moving my body so that it feels SO different and wonderful for days afterward! Very intuitive and rewarding, thanks!
Veryl Rosenbaum
recovered memory & letting go of a defense system held in my body for seventy years! Experienced a drifting away of an iron mask which covered the receiving side of my body - mask on face. Next session was of a skin-like adhesive mask - holder of the iron mask I had put on for protection when I was four. Pretty amazing. I am very grateful for Ananda's special healing.
Malia D
Knowledgeable with a delicate touch Ananda's treatments are unlike any I have ever had. The sensitivity in her fingertips is amazing. Her perceptions and insights are so fine tuned. Her knowledge of the body and many related methodologies are exceptional.